Do What You Can’t!

Our Manifesto

We believe three things are crucial for a creator to thrive, and our goals revolve around them.

Importance of Well-being

We glorify creators but rarely know behind the scenes or what transpires in their minds. The pressure to create and burnouts are real, and we don't shy away from conversations about mental health. Your best interest in your well-being!

Enabling Financial Freedom

While creators craft out of joy and passion, capital may hinder their journey. We enhance financial literacy by interacting with creators and industry experts to discuss strategies for monetization, branded content, and revenue streams.

Power of Inclusivity

Thanks to the internet, we now know creators from every nook and corner of the world. And yet, many creators still don’t experience the sun shining through the window, owing to language barriers or socio-economic restrictions. We aim to bring diverse creators and have conversations that bring a paradigm shift.

Team at Work

Takes content, coffee, and house parties quite seriously! When not consuming fashion & travel content, you'll find her working on her second book.

Sunaina Patnaik

In-house cinema expert & writer-poet turned community enthusiast with an experience in media and publishing. He is working on his debut book.

Shubham Tiwari
Community Manager

A social media sorcerer taking on the world one Instagram post at a time! Passionate about food, travel & making things happen.

Manya Kotian
Social Media Manager

Only communicates visually! Apart from dodging people who ask for free logo designs, she loves crafting clay miniatures and sings for her imaginary cats.

Ketki Jadhav

A product manager turned creator when his passion for content took over! Sachin blends his artful style with humor to express his thoughts. Plus, he plays the most riveting video games.

Sachin Soundar
Content Creator

Part-time ghostwriter, full-time social media aficionado! When not playing with words or sparking online conversations, you'll catch Runa stealing moments for a refreshing nap — even spirited beings need rest!

Runa Debnath
Outreach associate

Video editing wizard who loves crafting visual stories. With an eye for photography and penchant for travel, he seeks inspiration from his surroundings. Embracing diverse skills and passions, Rahaman embodies the essence of a generalist.

Rahaman Bin Ujit
Video Editor