NFTs For Creators

Nameet Potnis

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NFTs For Creators

Nameet Potnis


22 Mar


6 PM - 7 PM





About the event

Fireside chat to discuss and learn about NFTs & what it means to creators. Here are a few pointers we'll cover during the chat:

Topics covered

​What are NFTs & why do we need them?
​How are NFTs relevant to creators and influencers?
​What is the role of NFTs in building an online community?
​How could creators monetise from the NFTs?
​Can you quote a few examples of creators who have successfully leveraged NFTs?
​How can a creator get started with NFTs?
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Nameet Potnis

Founder @Drumworks

Nameet is the CEO of Drumworks. Drumworks is a web3 studio building products to accelerate the transition from web2.0 to web3.0. They are building an NFT asset management platform named & are running a media platform that helps people understand & stay updated with the crypto world - TheTokenDispatch.