Do what you can't

Thousand Faces Manifesto

What is Thousand Faces Club?

Across the world, millions of people go to sleep harbouring a dream; millions wake up with an appetite to create. Thousand Faces Club endeavours to highlight such dreamers, creators, and changemakers.

Inspired by Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces — we're a community of driven individuals that celebrate creativity and maverick journeys. The art of creation, no matter the joy it yields, is a lonely journey paved with difficulties — from unpredictable internet algorithms and bouts of creative blocks to unsteady monthly income and self-doubt. Creators are fragile but thrive in their craft. We bring you stories of their glory, but not without featuring the tricky bits.

Thousand Faces Club is for the crème de la crème; we're an invite-only community intending to gather like-minded creators who fly against all the odds. Our community empowers creators to share their journeys — and in doing so, we hope they inspire thousands of creators to embark on their adventures. We're a platform where creators feel recognized, understood, and, more importantly, feel at home.

Our Values

Belief in the Human Potential

When Napoleon Hill said, "what a human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve", he meant a human potential is limitless. Our belief in human potential is the core of our brand; we're forever enamoured by a creator's journey and their potential to rise against all odds.

The Power of One

The community of Thousand Faces Club is a melting pot of diverse creators and their journeys. What each creator brings to the table is as solid as the entire community itself. We champion every individual and empower them every step of the way because we firmly trust that a single creator can turn things around positively for the entire community.

Importance of Wellbeing

We glorify the creators, but often we don't realize what happens behind the scenes or transpires in their minds. Whether it's an occupational hazard or performance pressure — holistic wellbeing is the cornerstone of a fulfilled life. Thousand Faces Club doesn't shy away from difficult conversations, and we are a platform that inspires creators to manage their wellbeing best.

Enabling Financial Freedom

While creators craft out of pure joy and passion, money may often hinder their journey. For them to truly thrive, we'll do our bit to enhance financial literacy. By interacting and learning from flourishing creators and industry experts — we'll offer insights for the rest of the community.

Hear the Unheard

Thanks to the internet, we’re more aware of the creators making a buzz in any nook and corner of the world. But, here’s a caveat — despite many global creators making a difference, many still don’t experience the sun shining through the window. This could be because of language barriers or socio-economic restrictions that don’t fully allow them to spread their wings. We’re positive that anyone is capable of a paradigm shift. We are all ears to everyone in the community and brazenly understand their skills, potential, and abilities to see who can bring in that shift