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A 17-Year-Old Creator to Direct a Movie for A24

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Sep 5, 2023
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Phew, a lot is happening on the internet! So much that we couldn't catch up with everything, but we had a pretty solid weekend at Comic-Con. If anything, we're only going to take it slow this weekend.

What are your plans? Do tell us. 🎮

And on that note, here's a quick round-up of our favorite things on the internet and all that's piping hot in the creator economy. 👇

In today’s Going Solo

  • Baz Luhrmann on why we create
  • Discover a new creator: No Time for Dat
  • Creator Kane Parsons will direct an A24 movie
  • The rocky rise of Bondee — rest of world

Baz Luhrmann on Why We Create

Writer and filmmaker Baz Luhrmann has made amazing movies like Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, and the latest Elvis.

What he said about why we create (or why we should) is painfully true and resonates with every creator out there. 👇

No Time for Dat: A Newsletter Perfect for Busy eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Are you an e-commerce entrepreneur or someone who works in e-commerce? No Time for Dat — a newsletter run by Chez Spigelman, is just what you need.

Crafted for busy e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to stay on top of the most important e-commerce news and trends, No Time for Dat has over 8,000 subscribers. Thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), this newsletter drops free and quick-to-consume snapshots in e-commerce business along with a fine curation of services, tools, and learnings from industry experts.

Read one of the editions here. �

And subscribe to the newsletter here. 👇

17-Year-Old Kane Parsons Is Directing a Movie for A24 & James Wan

Ohkaaaay, this is huge! 🔥

17-year-old content creator Kane Parsons has over 2M YouTube subscribers and 67.6K Instagram followers. Known for his horror short films, Kane is taking a big step this year.

His viral YouTube universe The Backrooms will be turned into a major feature film, and it’ll be directed by him. Yup! He’ll be working with some big names like A24 and James Wan. 🤯

According to Bloody Disgusting, The Backrooms has garnered over 100M views on YouTube alone. And you know what? Kane will be shooting this feature during his summer holidays.

Can’t wait for this to hit the screens because we love some good old horror movies!

Know more about this here.

Watch one of his shorts here. 👇

The Rocky Rise of Bondee — rest of world

Earlier this year, Bondee — a virtual avatar-based social networking app, took Asia by storm. With over 2M downloads in January 2023 alone, Bondee offers in-game currency B-Beans. The rise of Bondee isn't as well-received, though — from privacy and data leaks to concerns about NFT purchases, Bondee is now one of those social media platforms in the metaverse that's looked at with skepticism.

rest of world, as always, wrote an excellent report on this, that you must absolutely read. 👇

👀 Brewing Hot

  • TweetDeck, which so far has been far, will be turned into a Twitter Blue-exclusive feature. Which means, no more free lunches on the deck. Grab more deets here.
  • Duoyin or famously known as the Chinese TikTok is experimenting with food delivery, after understanding that most app users order food after looking at certain videos. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Get more details here.
  • Can’t stop obsessing over Super Bowl? BuzzFeed curated this listicle with tweets that describe Super Bowl 2023.
  • Pinterest publishes its first-ever report on environment, social and governance impact. A must-read to understand how Pinterest is making a difference.
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