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Meta Launches Creators of Tomorrow to Celebrate Emerging Global Creators

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Sep 5, 2023
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gm, world! ☀️

Ali Abdaal once said, “What's obvious to you can be amazing to others,” and that made us think: why do we constantly question ourselves before putting our creations out there?

Are you hesitant to share your work with the world? Tell us.

And on that note, let’s go through our round-up of happenings in the creator economy. ☕

In today’s Going Solo

  • Brené Brown on failure
  • Discover a new creator: Overly Sarcastic Productions
  • Meta launches Creators of Tomorrow
  • How Anne Byrn collaborated with other writers and unlocked new audiences

Brené Brown on Failure

Writer, professor, and podcaster, Brené Brown is someone who studied courage, shame, vulnerability, and empathy for years. She inspires many creators and doers with data-backed stories and speeches.

What she said about failure might be simple words, but effective, for sure. 👇🏼

Discover a New Creator: Overly Sarcastic Productions

Overly Sarcastic Productions, as the name suggests, is all about sarcasm! This YouTube channel reviews fiction and classic literature but with sarcasm. Debunking myths and discussing tropes, this channel also talks about typical characters and how writers may dramatise scenarios to make things more appealing. For instance, it talks about standard tropes like triangle love stories, loners, or strong female characters.

If you read books, this channel is for you! Also, because it offers great viewpoints that also make you think.

Check out one of their videos. 👇🏼

You can also join their Discord server for a good conversation.

Meta Launches ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ to Highlight Creators on Meta

Meta has launched a mini discover platform called ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ to showcase the journeys of global creators, making their name on Facebook and Instagram. When you open the website, the first thing you notice is the list of countries. From Netherlands and Israel to Nordics and Poland, emerging creators from various countries are profiled.

In its official blog post, Meta has said, “As we work toward the metaverse, we’ll continue to nurture their careers and give them and other creators access to cutting-edge tools, education and resources so they’re at the forefront of new opportunities and innovation.”

What this means is that apart from offering creators various tools and workshops, Meta also intends to work with more regional content creators to focus on hyperlocal content.

Check out Creators of Tomorrow here.

How Anne Byrn Collaborated with Other Writers & Unlocked New Audiences

Substack does this really great invite-only series called Substack Grow, which intends to highlight the journeys of Substack writers who were able to monetise and grow massively on Substack.

While it’s tough to access all the stories or interviews in this series, Substack does share some stories on On Substack. I’ve come across this interview with Anne Byrn — a published author, celebrated cook and writer with over 21,899 subscribers. In this interview, she discusses content strategy and how she collaborates with other writers.

It's worth reading!

How Anne Byrn Collaborated with Other Writers & Unlocked New Audiences

🔥 What Else is Brewing in the Creator Economy?

  • YouTube published a guide on how to ace YouTube Shorts. Get all the deets here.
  • LG Electronics has launched an NFT platform, which allows trading NFTs on LG smart TVs. Know all about it here.
  • Starbucks forays into TikTok to attract the Gen Z. For more information, go here.
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