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Ebay Drops its First NFT Series

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Sep 5, 2023
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gm, world! ☀️

Are you always online? Consuming too much information, fretting over engagement, or how to take your social media game to the next level? Well, count us as one of you before we realised the perils of always living on the internet.

After severe burnouts and creative blocks, we realised too much consumption and living online aren’t the key to creating or staying relevant. Of course, there’s FOMO, but is it really worth it?

We’ll start this edition with something on this note:

  • Cal Newport on digital minimalism
  • This fictional influencer has 10M+ YouTube subscribers
  • Ebay has launched NFTs
  • Sound tracks for creators

Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism

Computer Science professor and author of non-fiction books, Cal Newport, has great advice on minimising digital consumption and screen time. His books A World Without Email, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World are good options to begin with, but we found many answers (and perhaps even solace) in Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World.

Certain lines that stayed with us after reading the book 👇🏼

For those struggling with managing their screen time or if you’d simply like to understand why we get obsessed with social media, this book is a mandatory read.

Miranda Sings: A Fictional Influencer With 10M+ YouTube Subscribers

Is it Miranda or is it Colleen? Allow us to tell you — Miranda is a figment of Colleen Ballinger’s imagination, but she is as true as you and the person right next to you.

Miranda is an eccentric and witty YouTube influencer who sings and often annoys people — it may have started out as a joke between Colleen and her friends, but here we are today loving and rooting for this character.

Curious to know how this whole thing transpired, blew up, and offered many opportunities? We wrote a Twitter thread on Miranda and how her creator, Colleen conjured this character.  👇🏼

How Miranda Sings got famous and iconic!

Ebay Launches NFTs 😱

Ebay has launched its first NFT series ‘Genesis’ in collaboration with OneOf, an eco-sustainable and creator-first NFT platform. This series includes 3D and animated interpretations of the iconic athletes featured on Sports Illustrated covers.

According to Economic Times, this collection includes 13 limited-edition digital collectibles classified as as green, gold, platinum, and diamond-tier NFTs, with up to 299 editions each in the green tier, to a highly coveted 15 editions only in the diamond tie.

Know more about it here.

Sound Tracks for Creators

In this edition, we’ve decided to share sound tracks that we often play while working or creating. These are some of the tracks our team listens to.👇🏼

Peaceful & Inspiring Ambient Music for Creators: A collection of sound tracks that will calm you down.

Pretty much everything that Lofi Girl posts: Lofi Girl

Alone Again for a fine curation of Coldplay, Sam Smith, joan, and may more: Check it out here.

Mood Booster Playlist for you to vibe: Check it out here.

Relaxing Music from Ghibli: Whether we’re working, sleeping, or sprucing up our room, these soundtracks from Studio Ghibli have always come in handy. 👇🏼

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