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Are Indian Creators Investing In More Creator-Centric Brands?

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Sep 5, 2023
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gm, world! ☀️

When there’s so much noise around us, how can our content stand out? It’s exciting when we create but we’re also quite disheartened when only a mere few take notice of our work. It’s natural, but we can always choose how we put across our content.

On that note, let’s start today’s edition with

  • Varun Duggirala on creating content
  • How Sam Parr turned his blog into a $20M company
  • Indian creators investing in more Indian creators and influencer-driven brands
  • How getting outside can help our mind get fit

Varun Duggirala on creating content

Content creator, podcaster, and co-founder, The Glitch — Varun Duggirala is someone who does a lot of things and yet finds the right balance between personal life and professional life. 🥳

His advice on creating social media content makes sense to every creator out there.

How Sam Parr turned his blog into a $20M company

Sam Parr is the founder of The Hustle and while he may have sold it to Hubspot, it started as a personal blog. From writing about his adventurous travel to relinquishing alcohol — his stories were relatable and kept readers on the hook. He traveled, met diverse people, and experienced life as it come and wrote about it.

Later, he also floated Hustle Con — a conference to meet and discover new people. He says it was TED Talks that inspired him. We wrote a Twitter thread about his journey that covers diverse aspects of his life. 👇

Sam Parr’s Spectacular Journey

Indian creators investing in more Indian creators and influencer-driven brands

Oh, well, it’s happening! The 2022 creator economy trends already predicted that creators will invest in more creators or creator-centric brands and merchandise.

According to Financial Express, Tanmay Bhatt and Bhuvan Bam have invested in HYPD; influencers like Viraj Sheth and Masoom Minawala have been investing in brands of their choice. Super stoked to see how creators will craft more opportunities for others — also, because we get to discover lesser-known creators and creator-centric brands. While we’re all in for popular ones, we’re also hoping to see more tier-2 and tier-3 expand.

While you’re at it, also check out: Creator Economy Trends for 2022

How getting outside can help our mind get fit

As creators we spend most time on the internet, consuming and developing content. Living in the moment often takes a backseat as we’re too focussed on just one aspect of our lives.

Let’s be fair to ourselves, be more mindful and do little things that bring joy. If there’s one thing you should read on the internet today, let it be this piece by Headspace.

And we can’t agree more! Read the article here 👇

Get Outside & Live In The Moment, Fam!

That’s all for now!

Team Thousand Faces will be back with more fun stories next Friday. 👋🏼

Until then,

Keep exploring.

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