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Reddit launches an NFT project

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Sep 5, 2023
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gm, curious folks! 🌧️

What’s the monsoon pours like in your city? I’m stuck at home with some hot tea, but using this time to read a lot more than usual. What are you upto? Let me know! You can reply to this email. 🤸🏼‍♀️

On that note, I’ll start our weekly round-up of happenings in the creator economy in today’s Going Solo with:

  • James Clear on boredom
  • Go 4x4 on YouTube
  • Reddit launches a new NFT project
  • Negotiation tips for writers & creatives

James Clear on Boredom

Those who’ve read Atomic Habits by James Clear surely know the book’s emphasis on fostering habits and prioritising what matters. On days when I feel lost, I pick a random page from this book and find something useful. This book also talks about boredom and how it can be dealt with.

Here’s what it says. 👇🏼

If you haven’t read this book, grab a copy here.

Discover a New Creator: Go 4x4 on YouTube

There are travel videos, and then, there are travel videos that Go 4x4 — an Australian YouTube channel does. With about 906K subscribers, this channel is all about the sights and sounds of the nature. Words are seldom used, and you’ll find people traveling, camping, and indulging in outdoor barbecues. 🍗

Check out one of their ASMR videos and get psyched! 🔥

Go 4X4 offers membership on Patreon that include exclusive access to community, chat, and content.

I guess these videos are what this weather needs rn!

Reddit Launches a New NFT Project

Ohkaaay, so this is happening! 🦸🏻

Reddit has launched collectible avatars, and if you’re yet to join the sub-reddit, here you go. But let me take you through the deets first — Reddit has collaborated with diverse artists to turn its already popular avatar (alien mascot) into collectibles.

What’s interesting is that these avatars can be bought using local currencies, and they’re sold at a fixed price.

In its official blog post, Reddit said, “Many of the artists we worked with for this first series came from popular creative communities like r/Comics. Some have cultivated the skills they utilized for this program in subreddits like r/ProCreate or r/AdobeIllustrator. We also worked with artists from our networks who are bringing their work to Reddit for the first time.”

Reddit will pay the artists for every art work sold, and royalties also include the secondary sales made on open marketplaces. A good question to ask now is how useful will these NFTs be, and will Redditors use their avatars beyond Reddit?

Know more about it here, and to join the Creator Program on Reddit, go here.

Negotiation Tips for Writers & Creatives

To say I’m a fan of Nicole Chung’s writing would be an understatement! While her articles themselves are masterclasses in features writing, she has interviewed Pia Owens (a lawyer & writer) for The Atlantic, where she tries to understand the importance of negotiation.

As writers and creatives ourselves, we know how difficult negotiating can be — and not everyone is born with that skill. It’s something we learn after many trials and misfires! This conversation explores just that. 👇🏼

What Writers & Creatives Can Learn About Negotiation

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