We Asked 4 Creators Which Podcast They're Listening To

Manya Kotian
Sep 5, 2023
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Imagine cozying up with a cup of your favorite brew, or maybe you're on your daily walk, waiting for that next dose of wisdom and entertainment.

If you're a creator, or just a fan of great content, chances are you're thinking of your favorite podcast.

You hit play and... boom! You're transported to another world.

Podcasts are the perfect way to tune out the world and immerse yourself in a new story or conversation. And as creators, we know that podcasts are a great way to learn new things, stay inspired, and get motivated.

Recently we caught up with four fantastic creators, each with their unique perspectives, to find out what's been playing in their earbuds lately.

Are you ready for some insider recommendations?

Inside Lev's Headphones

Lev began his journey in media way before the digital marketing era, when the term "podcasting" was not popular. He is the head of content at Fame, podcast host, coach, writer, and voice actor.

We asked Lev about his podcast preferences, and here's what he had to say:

“I'm really proud of the work Fame has done recently with 'The Biotech Startups Podcast.' We've collaborated with Excedr to make the podcast a huge success, filled with useful and insightful information for people working in the biotech startup space.

Lately, I've been really into 'Beyond the Screen: An IONOS Podcast.' They've been having some truly interesting conversations about UX and user-centered design. With my design background, UX theory is always on my mind!

I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate 'Million Dollar Mastermind with Larry Weidel.' I've learned more about finances and business relationships from that one podcast than just about anything else in the last 20 years.

'Product Thinking with Melissa Perri' is a fantastic product management podcast. Melissa is excellent at solving real-world product problems in a way that makes complete sense to anyone listening.

Oh, and 'Design Your Life And Business: The Podcast For Leaders'—I'm a sucker for founder's stories, so that podcast is incredibly inspiring to me!”

What's on Ian's Playlist?

Ian Johnson is a founder, writer, creator and executive brand coach. While his fingerprints are on global ventures, he runs the Founding in Public newsletter.

Ian has curated a fantastic playlist of podcasts for both work and leisure.

His go-to podcasts for work includes:

  • Acquired with Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal

The podcast unravels playbooks behind some of the world's most iconic companies and how you can put them to work, whether you're a founder, operator, or investor.

Ian can't get enough of hearing about the successful growth hacks that people use in the early days of building something new.

Des and Paul have some of the best perspectives on Product Strategy out there.

And for fun he tunes in into:

  • Reply all with Alex Goldman, P.J. Vogt and Emmanuel Dzotsi

They've got a knack for uncovering those hidden gems - stories with intriguing plots and characters that you won't find anywhere else.

The podcast is an absolute thriller; the story keeps him on the edge of his seat.

Case 63 is pure science fiction magic. What sets it apart is how genuinely listener-focused it is – you can't help but get entangled in their world and the dilemmas they face.

Here's the season 2 trailer 👇🏻

Joe's Podcast Mixtape

Meet Joe Casabona, the podcast aficionado who manages not one, not two, but a whopping three-plus podcasts!

Joe's podcast playlist covers everything from productivity to law and history. Here's what's keeping him engaged:

  • Cortex with CGP Grey and Myke Hurley

This one's a personal favorite for Joe, a show he can't resist dropping everything for. It's a deep dive into productivity and the delicate balance between work and life.

Joe's love for history and storytelling finds a perfect blend in this show, making it his go-to choice, especially to listen with his kids.

Joe's hooked on this U.S. legal podcast, primarily focused on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Here's another legal podcast that's caught Joe's attention. Delving into federal cases, this legal podcast hosted by journalist Josh Barro and former Federal Prosecutor Ken White has kept Joe engaged with their insights.

For all things 'stream,' this podcast is where Joe finds his insightful gems. He particularly loves the wisdom shared by cohost Julia.

Joe's friend Shawn is at the helm of this show, and it's all about coaching with a storytelling twist. It's so captivating – making it a must-listen even at 1x speed.

Check out one of Joe's latest podcast episodes here:

Tommy's Podcast Picks

With a keen eye for all things branding, Tommy Wisdom's playlist reflects his passion for the art of design and branding. And you must've guessed it by now - Tommy is a brand strategist, designer and copywriter.

Check out what's in his queue:

Ever wondered about the fascinating rebranding tales of the world's favorite consumer companies? This podcast dives deep into the glory, drama, and sometimes disaster of these transformations.

If you're keen on delving into the secrets of top entrepreneurs and understanding their mindset, this podcast is your golden ticket. Tommy knows this one's an incredible resource for success seekers.

It's all about what's next in the ever-evolving world of design.

Ian Paget connects with successful graphic designers and entrepreneurs worldwide, offering listeners the opportunity to learn from their experiences.

Debbie brings the most fascinating guests to the table, covering a myriad of topics. Tommy appreciates the captivating and professional manner in which she explores the creative universe.

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