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You Think You'll Go Viral?

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Sep 5, 2023
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gm! ✨

Welcome to all the new subscribers. Allow us to start this edition by saying what a great week it has been! 🍾

We crossed about 100K YouTube views, and we owe it to our community. Thank you for watching our content. Is there something you’d like to create? We’d love to know your thoughts and feedback — as always, you can comment here, and we’ll answer you. ✍️

On that note, let’s go through our weekly round-up of all that’s brewing in the creator economy.

In today’s Going Solo

  • John Caples on writing headlines
  • Discover a new creator: Kelsey ‘Premier Gal’
  • Meta will tell you if you’ll go viral
  • What your favorite WordArt says about you

John Caples on Writing Headlines

Writers can relate with this pain. We may take an hour to write a piece but spend more than two hours writing its headline. Iconic writer and advertising expert John Caples had plenty to say about headline writing.

Check out one of his best books Tested Advertising Methods here.

Make PremierGal Your Go-to Creator For All Things Adobe Premier Pro

Kelsey, popularly known as PremierGal, has to be your go-to creator for learning Adobe Premier Pro! With about 438K YouTube followers and 16.7K Instagram followers, PremierGal's content will make you stop wondering about video effects.

From learning how to make split-screen videos to color grading — her videos are a treasure trove of learning. We made a video on her that you must absolutely watch. 👇

Meta Can Tell You If Your Video Will Go Viral

We can tell one thing, for sure: this feature will get us hooked! And it might, unfortunately, make us tweak our content for virality.

Meta has filed for a patent where tech will analyze your video and its quality to tell you whether it can go viral. This new tool will measure your video based on retention, and the retention prediction will be between excellent and poor.

Grab more deets about this on Patent Drop. 👇

What Your Favorite WordArt Says About You

Well, yes, we're talking about Windows WordArt! If you're a millennial, you've probably played around with it in school. But did you know your favorite WordArt can predict your personality? Lyla Maeve for It's Nice That wrote an excellent feature on this, and it was like talking a nostalgic ride.

Our favourite one said this about us: You loved a bit of tech, to the point where people called you a “geek” even if you weren’t rational and strategic enough to fully justify it.

What about you?

Read the piece here. 👇

👀 Brewing Hot

  • Starbucks is switching things up; it sponsored an hour of stream time on Twitch streamer Harry Mack’s channel. Get more deets here.
  • Is this a recipe for disaster? Mercedes Benz partners with TikTok to display TikTok content on in-car screens. Find more information here.
  • The Whistle Creator Program intends to help NIL athletes become short-form content stars. Grab more deets here.
  • Kai Cenat becomes the most-subscribed Twitch streamer of all time, and he's the first black creator to make this history. Check this out.
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