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Bindery turns TikTokers into authors

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Sep 5, 2023
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Did you know 50% of Gen Z buys products recommended by their favorite influencers only to support them? Grab all the deets here. 👇

We're also working on our predictions report which will be out soon — till then, let's go through our weekly round-up of creator economy updates.

📜 In today's Going Solo

  • Friday advice: Aaron Sorkin on creativity
  • Discover a new creator: Kate Rose Morgan for bright pink holiday decor
  • News that caught our eye: Bindery helps literary influencers become published authors
  • Stuff worth watching: The internet is full of bots by ColdFusion

Aaron Sorkin On Writing & Creativity

Trust Aaron Sorkin to always offer great advice on writing and creativity! ✨

A writer behind many fantastic movies — Sorkin was recently at Adobe Summit, where he spoke about content creation in the time of advanced technology.

While he shared great advice on writing and drama, something he said about technology can reassure most creators who are worried AI might replace them. 👇

He says this attitude stems from him sitting in a room with technology experts and not knowing anything. I feel left behind, he adds.

You can watch the conversation here.

Love Yourself Some Pink Holiday Decor? Check Out Kate Rose Morgan

We love holiday decor, and we know you do too! But are you looking for some quirky decor inspiration — say, bright pink decor with accents of red and green? You must follow Kate Rose Morgan! 🎄

From DIY decor pieces to doing up her spaces in shades of pink — Kate's Instagram feed is a delight to one's eye. Plus, if you're keen on learning a thing or two about DIY and making things from the scratch, you'll find plenty of resources (ahem, Reels) on her account. For instance, check this out.

TikTok Influencers to Published Authors? Thanks to Bindery

Bindery, a studio of creators and makers who believe in telling stories that matter and endure the test of time, is doing something interesting. 📚

Well, you've all heard of #BookTok and literary influencers on TikTok. These influencers can make or break the success of a book. And now, Binder is offering them an opportunity to become writers themselves. 🤯

Bindery works with literary influencers and creators, and has recently announced its first four book deals with writers handpicked from TikTok. A Tubefilter report said, “The books picked up by Bindery are not published under a single imprint. Instead, the individual creators who work with the company control their own presses, allowing them to select titles that will be most relevant among their fans. For Jaysen Headley, the TikToker known as Ezeekat, a foray into publishing begins with House of Frank by Kay Sinclaire, a “cozy fantasy” set in a “magical arboretum sanctuary.” Headley will release House of Frank through Ezeekat Press, the subscription-based community he launched alongside Bindery.”

All the four books will be out in fall 2024. Are you excited for this?

Know more about Bindery.

Is the Internet Overwhelmingly Full of Bots?

ColdFusion produces excellent and immersive video essays on business and science. They've published a video to discuss how AI is taking over the content and helping create virtual influencers. Are they bots?

You've got to watch this video for more deets. 👇🏼

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