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In Conversation: How Danny Miranda Became a Leading Podcaster

Sunaina Patnaik
Sep 5, 2023
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Early bird indeed gets the worm! World’s leading podcaster and content creator Danny Miranda started creating when he was only 13. 😱

Right now, his podcast is in the top 1% of global podcasts, and it has featured guests like David Perell, Gary Vee, Tej Dosa, Colin & Samir, etc.

We caught up with Danny to understand his content creation process, his influences, and other jazz.

But, first: Who’s Danny Miranda?

Now a glimpse of our conversation with Danny! 👇🏼

Thousand Faces Club: Danny, you were only 13 when you embarked on your creator journey! How did you begin?

Danny: I was fascinated with the power of the internet and how people were using it to create content. So, I started blogging when I was 13, but very few took me seriously. Two months later, I quit due to a lack of consistency or discipline. Besides, I also wanted to be a kid and experience middle school. But my early internet days were about realising the internet's power to a level that no kid around me grasped.

Thousand Faces Club: Right, so what did you do later?

Danny: I finished college and floated an e-commerce store. I actively started documenting my experience and learnings on Twitter. I spent hours seeking feedback on my first advertisement and sought advice on my next steps after setting up the e-commerce store. I used to check out the best-selling items on AliExpress or look at different advertisements on Facebook to understand what worked. It was a great learning experience and soon, I got into fitness. But with COVID, I realised I cannot make a career out of it.

Thousand Faces Club: What made you take The Live Hard program?

Danny: I got into meditating 20 minutes a day; soon, I started to meditate for another 20 minutes in the evening, too. Then, I increased it to 60 minutes in the morning and evening, and I uncovered a different side of me. It was like going into a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly. When I stumbled upon Tej Dosa's tweets, I wanted to attain that mental state and signed up for the 75 Hard Program, which helped me foster positive habits like working out, hydrating, reading, and maintaining a clean diet. It also helped me connect with people on a deeper level.

Thousand Faces Club: How did you get into content creation then?

Danny: With the Live Hard program, I could converse with people, and I began talking to strangers. I figured I should record these conversations as someone might find them valuable in 2031 — my kids may love to hear them; I'd like to get to these conversations 20 years from now. So, that's how I started recording and making the podcast. The rest is history.

Thousand Faces Club: Surely as a creator, you must be facing creative blocks and burnouts. How do you deal with creative burnouts?

Danny: I don't push myself to create when I can't. I focus on what brings me joy which helps me avoid burnout.

Keen to read Danny’s entire journey? Check out the creator journey we’ve written!

Danny Miranda: Writer to Podcaster

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