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Is video content truly the future?

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Sep 5, 2023
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Winter mornings are incomplete without hot chocolate or coffee. Don't you think so? Why don't you grab a cup before going through this week's Going Solo? It's a combination you won't regret!

On that note, let's go through our weekly round-up of all that's brewing in the creator economy. 👇

In today’s Going Solo

  • Aaron Sorkin on having a voice
  • Discover a new creator: One Take
  • Video drives 65% of internet traffic
  • How Nickelodeon’s influencer families are creating benchmark-breaking content

Aaron Sorkin on Having a Voice

Aaron Sorkin doesn’t need an introduction for obvious reasons! Those who watched his Masterclass have learned a great deal about writing, but one thing that he has always emphasized is having a voice. Here’s what he says. 👇

Love Movies & All Things Pop Culture?

This YouTube channel is for you! ✨

One Take has about 126K followers on YouTube, and whether you're looking for movie reviews or an analysis of your favorite show's ending — this channel deep dives into it. Interestingly enough, we spotted a 5-hour-long video on the channel, that comprehensively covers MCU characters.

We discovered this channel when we stumbled upon The Menu's review, but couldn't stop watching the other videos. Check out one of the videos here. 👇

Is Video Content the Future?

Well, that’s what the stats say! 🔥

According to Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Report, about 65% of internet traffic is driven by video content. The report suggests this is a giant leap — a 24% increase — since 2021. It also discusses whether short-form content can rescue social media platforms and their engagement. You can check out the report here.

Talking about reports, have you checked out our Creator Economy Predictions & Trends report for 2023? You can download the free report right away! 👇

Nickelodeon’s Influencer Fams are Creating Great Content

Remember Nickelodeon, folks? 🤓

Nickelodeon’s community of UGC creators is crafting awesome content, and this community has about 125 families with over forty million followers, as written by Benjamin Broomfield, for ClickZ.

Check out this article to understand Nickelodeon’s thriving community and how parents are influencing content decisions.

👀 What’s Brewing Hot?

  • YouTube allows location tags in Shorts now to ensure more relevancy in recommendations. Check out the announcement here.
  • About time creators are represented at forums, and this year, Nuseir Yassin was a part of creator leaders at the World Economic Forum, Davos. Find more information here.
  • Looking for best practices to win on socials this year? These great tips from Sprout Social might do good.
  • Instagram has been pushing more video content to its users, and it agrees. Check out this piece for more deets.
  • Watch our latest video for a recap of last week’s updates.
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